jeep sets off my aspiration-o-meter

Last week on Thursday I was late getting into work and parked illegally. Not as illegally as this parking spot tantalizingly outlined by Bates Y&R, Copenhagen (and used by my Mom on multiple occasions during my childhood), but not defensible to a police officer either.


I like this ad because it is quintessentially Jeep. In this day of even BMW making SUVs, Jeep should embrace and defend their heritage as the “go anywhere” vehicle. Even if you’re in urban Copenhagen. And will never, ever go off-road. It’s all about aspiration, right?

My aspiration is to be able to park illegally just once without a ticket or a security guard forcing me to move my car (while letting others get away with). That, or have said ticket-writer or security guard be hot, young and blond and willing to write up her number instead of a fine.

i believe in advertising has the ad, my own twisted mind has the aspiration.


One response to “jeep sets off my aspiration-o-meter

  1. You know what else ruins clothes? ,

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