ban drops a stinkton (heights) on america

Today is a busy day at the House of Biz, especially since our server crashed and took all of today’s snazzy work for my CPG client with it.

But, playing like the champion I am, I came up for air only to be confronted by Ban deodorant’s Stinkton Heights – with commentary by both Adrants and AdScam.

Though Adrants gives this site leeway because “[personal hygiene ads] walk this terrific moral and social line that’s bound to result in lots of misunderstandings and wince-worthy ads,” it still makes the Daily (Ad) Biz’ bad advertising list.


And not just because the site failed to re-size to my laptop’s screen size and the load time was excruciating.

Nor because Weiden is able to do great work on Old Spice deodorant (different target, yes, but still a deodorant and you tell me which work you think is stronger):

And not even because Stinkon Heights is awful similar to this idea by Drew Shaman that won a Merit award in the Student One Show awards last year:


Mainly I don’t like it because it is too obvious.

The eye-watering color-scheme, the teeny magazine copy, the faux-Blair Witch expose (still can’t do the thing over the “e”) of Stinkton Heights…as if anyone would want to expose something like stinky people.

I certainly don’t think that it deserves the vitriol that George Parker sends its way, but I do think that too often ho-hum ideas get through agencies and clients on the back of being executed via “New Media/New Technology.” An interactive microsite is a tactic, not an idea. Online videos? Quizzes? Advice columns? MySpace? Also tactics, not one of them an idea.

And I don’t think that Stinkton Heights is a good idea.


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