taco bell’s big idea

Just a reminder: tomorrow from 2-5pm your local Taco Bell will be giving away a free taco to everyone who comes in.

It sort of redeems this year’s World Series, which, beyond the free taco that Jacoby Ellsbury won for America in the second game, was completely NOT enjoyable. I am going to stop cheering for teams that I want to win, as those teams always seem to lose.

At any rate, this is a fantastic promotion. Not even the very thin Pretty AE can eat just one Taco Bell taco, meaning that they will be driving significant traffic and trial through a simple loss-leader. I know that when I go to Taco Bell to get my free taco I am also going get something like eight gorditas so I don’t leave hungry, and alone could make Taco Bell break even on this promotion.

I am not fat. It’s just how I roll.


2 responses to “taco bell’s big idea

  1. It is a great promotion.

    But I haven’t been able to set foot in Taco Bell since that whole rat thing last year. (Okay, not that I ever did set foot in one, but theoretically…)

  2. I used to be of the same opinion…until one night The Pretty AE called me because she was craving some sort of special limited time only gordita. As if I would ever say no to something like that.

    I didn’t, and now I’m excited to get my free taco.

    Love is a very strange thing.

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