colle + mcvoy = stop motion goodness

Usually, when you hear about an “interesting” way to activate a brand on TV and online what you find is not interesting. Or, if it is, it’s completely off brand.

There are exceptions though, and the Erbert and Gerbet “Human Flipbook” work from Minneapolis agency Colle + McVoy is one:

Though you wouldn’t know from the chain’s terrible website, there is a lot of equity around the little Ergert and Gerbert characters represented in the spot. The low-budget feel is also inline with a brand that prides itself in its non-flashy Midwestern roots (and, let’s face it, was all they were willing to pay for). This ad is right on strategy and the creative is a nice change from just showing a close-up of a sandwich.

I am not convinced that the campaign website will take off virally, though the behind-the-scenes video is cute:

As cute as it is, I think that it is something that is fun for the people at the agency, from the client and in the industry. But if I am a consumer…why would I watch this, let alone pass it on?

Still, I like the ad a lot both strategically and creatively.

And not just because I think the agency is primed to get big.


3 responses to “colle + mcvoy = stop motion goodness

  1. Posted on this too a few weeks back. Totally agree that the “Making of” video is more entertaining than the actual video.

    Problem with “viral” is that the more of it there is, the more annoying it is when people pass it on to you. And you can’t will people to pass something along, a concept many clients– and agencies– have a tough time wrapping their heads around.

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