the pretty ae gives me the heisman. sort of.

Tonight I was out with The Pretty AE and some other people and it is definitively confirmed that The Pretty AE is not that into me. I thnk that it is mainly because I am sort of seeing someone else – that always turns a girl off, I’ve found. I would end that situation, but only if I thought The Pretty AE was into me. I am not proud of this situation I am in.

Anyway, she may also not be that into me because the other dude I was out with is pretty much a stud and I am not so much. Probably not though, girls see past things like ripped arms. Right? Eh? Oh.

She likes that guy and wants me to hook them up.

My quest to be with her is not derailed, but I am going to have to reconsider my strategy here and think about some creative ways to drive positive action by The Pretty AE. I wonder if I can get someone to write up a brief for me…

Any way you cut it, it’s bad to have a text message conversation with a girl about the guy you’re friends with that she wants you to hook her up with.

Sort of ruined my night.


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