what brand was that again?

I know that movie and DVD tie-ins move product, especially for CPG brands. I don’t really know why.

I guess it is a tie-breaker at shelf for a consumer who gets the added value of money off of a DVD when they buy something that they were going to buy anyway, but I would think that this would work only in commodity categories like batteries. Or pizza.


Papa John’s seems to they are going to get a sales lift from a movie DVD partnership. They are offering $3 off of the Spiderman 3 DVD with the purchase of a pizza and are even making a super-hero sized pizza that is 30% larger.

That last idea is pretty cool, actually.

Or maybe I’m just hungry from skipping breakfast.

Papa John’s is going whole hog into the partnership, including putting on this money-waster of an event:

“The company will also stage a DVD launch event in New York. Spider-Man himself will perform acrobatic stunts Oct. 29 in Times Square outside the NASDAQ market site on 43rd Street and Broadway”

Companies always seem to want events (in New York) to “generate buzz” but do they really think that this is going to work, even for the hundred or so people who see Spidey in person? Spend the money on advertising to let people know about the program, about the added value and – this is key – make sure that the advertising and the promotion both build the brand.

In this case, the whole program seems designed to build the profile of the movie and has nothing at all to do with the brand. I have already forgotten what brand it’s for. Promotions are tough because they are short-term sales drivers first and foremost, but they should ladder back to the brand.

This one doesn’t.


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