the golden days of advertising

Scamp has the review of Get Smashed by Sam Delaney, which tells the story of the golden days of British advertising. And they sound pretty fun:

“I’d get into the office between ten and eleven”, Lovelock explains. “Then we’d soon head off to lunch, which was supposed to end at two thirty, but nobody ever did come back.”

I began in advertising just in time to miss all of this.

Agencies seem to get less freedom (from clients) to do the breakthrough type of work that blow minds, drives results, and results in those fat paychecks that the legends got. I really wish that I was a legend. Or a 26 year-old creative director from the old days.

I wonder if the loss of the creative, free-for-all (well-paid) agency life is why advertising isn’t as interesting to younger people. Or maybe we’re not marketing agency life well enough. Which would be ironic.

The old days sure look good. But Pat Fallon made these days look pretty good, too. So did Dan Wieden. And those guys at CP+B. And so will I…when I open my own place, throw the rules out the window and return advertising to its glory days.



One response to “the golden days of advertising

  1. Pat Fallon and Dan Wieden started their agencies about 20-30 years ago.
    And cashed out about 10 years ago.
    Fallon’s glory days were the late 1980s– 20 years ago.
    Wieden was at its peak in the early-mid 90s- 10-15 years ago.

    Both agencies are doing fine (well, Wieden, anyway) but the sizzle has moved on to placed more involved in the interactive space.

    Not to say that there isn’t fun to be had, but the profit margins are a lot smaller and the cultural impact a lot less too these days.

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