little things matter

I know that I am pedantic when it comes to grammar, punctuation and things like that. I am a writer, was an English major and, who am I kidding, would be a pedant anyway.

Whenever I receive a resume or book my eye is immediately drawn to things done incorrectly, like the misuse of a semi-colon. Or spelling resume without that little thing over the “e” (of course I am talking about other people doing something that I can’t figure out how to do on this blog – if anyone knows, please tell me).

I know that file names can’t have that little thing over the “e,” and that lets my buddy who just emailed me his resume and some samples in a pdf off the hook. But when you have it written on paper, it has to have the thing over the “e” or else it means something else.

Every word counts, especially in advertising. And attention to detail is the name of the game.

So, person whose job-seeking materials I received this morning and am referring to, sort it out and get back to me. Or get back to someone else you haven’t shown your sloppiness and lack of care to.


3 responses to “little things matter

  1. Resumé, the “é” is Alt+130

  2. And yet another reason to like you.
    These things drive me crazy too.
    Accountniks and planners with misspellings in briefs? Just as bad.

  3. Writer’s Coin: Thanks for the blog how-to help. I am amused by the ridiculousness of complaining about something that I couldn’t figure out how to do so I will keep it in this post, but now I know. And knowing is half the battle, so thank you again.

    Toad: Misspellings drive me up the wall. Like the time we almost released a print ad with “public” misspelled as “pubic” or when we misspell a company name in a new business pitch. Detail matters! Except in blogs…I give those a pass or two on spelling and grammar and missed words. It’s the medium, you know.

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