cool red wigs & a disappointing new spot

Wendy’s is so hot right now. Saatchi & Saatchi’s red wig campaign, though hated by Dave Thomas’ family, is gaining some serious traction with consumers to the point that adverganza is calling for the red wigs to be sold to consumers while Brand Flakes for Breakfast wants the wig as a Halloween costume.

I think that you can call the campaign a success.

Dave Thomas’ loving family, the old school franchisees and idiot consumers are on the wrong side of this one, and no surprise really. Dave Thomas’ family seem only to want their guy in charge. Franchisees never have any clue because they’re not marketers and don’t care about brands, just short-term sales. And idiot consumers are idiot consumers.

This is clearly a winning campaign, though it would be nice to be able to buy the Wendy’s wig. I think that I would wear it around the office, but strengthen the pigtails so I could clothesline the art director half of my creative team or anyone else who stepped out of line.

My one issue with the campaign is that they have already gone the election route. It is 2007. October 2007. There is not a national election for a year. There is no reason for this:

It’s like Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving – completely inappropriate and ridiculous on every level. And, in this case, an affront to the quality of the campaign. There is no reason to use such a cliched story setting in this campaign, and especially not this early in the campaign.

The campaign is still a winner, but this spot is a drag.


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