mutado makes mtv look easy

You would think that doing creative for MTV would be pretty easy. After all, it’s a cool brand with a defined identity (though it doesn’t completely follow-through on the identity, unless they started playing music in the years since I’ve watched it).

But MTV has had pretty lackluster ads, at least in this quasi-pundit’s opinion. Even this so-called classic spot for MTV, by Fallon, never did it for me. It’s just weird for weird’s sake.

Maybe it only seems like MTV would be easy. Mutado, Milan sure makes it seem that way with a great campaign that makes me want to rock out and might also give me some bad dreams. You can see more at featured at i believe in advertising.


The work is very cool and energetic – and it even focuses on music! In my younger days I would be spending serious time today figuring out how to steal one of these for my bedroom wall. In my older days, I just write about it on a blog. I feel like my life took a turn for the worse somewhere along the line.

Anyway, Mutado, you have become my favorite Italian shop.


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