facebook is dying

So says Adrants, echoing my post on the topic.

It sounds like they were dying before launching this big new ad blitz, losing over 1 million users in September alone. I wonder if the MySpace-izing of Facebook (top friends, gifts, news feed, etc and so on) has anything to do with it…actually, I know that it has something to do with it.

Why would you copy a competitive site that you are gaining users from?

And adding advertising? I know that it’s about the Benjamins, but that can only further turn off users who migrated to Facebook in order to find a non-commercial, exclusive, more tied to real friends social networking environment.

Plus, social networking sites like Facebook are fun at first and then they get to be a hassle.

At least for dinosaurs like me.


2 responses to “facebook is dying

  1. A few months ago someone, I think Adpulp, had a post about how social networking sites weren’t all that different from (night)clubs or bars: a place becomes trendy with the “in” crowd, then it gets discovered and popular, then the in crowd leaves because it’s too popular, they find a new place, and the cycle starts all over again.

    As you noted, Facebook is becoming way too popular. As for advertising on there, it’s annoying for sure, but they do need to pay for all those servers.

  2. Said perfectly. From Friendster to MySpace to Facebook to the next flavor of the month – these sites are flashes in the pan as the masses chase after the in crowd that is looking for the next great thing. Sort of like schooling fish. In binary code.

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