this is actually real

I was all ready to talk about the new Wendy’s ad that ran during Game 7 of the ALCS and decry the fact that election-themed ads are already out…and the election is a year away. Election-themed ads are like store Christmas decorations, every year they come out earlier and earlier.

As I was poking around trying to find the spot mentioned, I came across this story about how Wendy’s has received complaints about this ad from Saatchi & Saatchi’s new campaign:

This whole thing absolutely makes my day while making me very sad for America at the same time:

“Hundreds if not thousands of us have been flooding Wendys with our objections to this ad for well over a week, and as of this writing, Bob Bertini , Communications Director for Wendys says they have no plans to stop it.” [sic, sic, sic…]

They are worried that the ad depicts an unsafe use of helium.

This is real.

I need not to explain to the reader with a brain that this ad does not glorify the unsafe use of helium, but rather makes a point (a visual metaphor backed up by the copy that explains, without subtlety, what the visuals mean, just in case you missed it) about the foolishness of filling yourself up with just anything. Hardly a ringing endorsement of helium use.

People like this slowly bleed away our civil rights by getting the government to decide what is right and wrong based on faddish busybodies. It’s like Prohibition, only trans fats and sodas and fast food are being banned instead of alcohol.

Look, if you are unclear on the fact that a Whopper and a Coke aren’t health food then you have a bigger problem than this helium thing.

People KNOW that these things are bad, but they WANT to have them. They taste good. If they want to make bad decisions it isn’t your or the government’s place to stop them. A tasty burge is hardly serious enough to warrant police intervention or government time. Just be responsible about your choices – and let it go if others make different ones than you.

Oh, and just because you don’t have anything better to do than to cause a ruckus over an ad, especially one that represents the opposite of what you are worried about, doesn’t mean that people have to listen to you.

Thank you Wendy’s for not giving in to this ridiculousness.


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