great or not, some minds think alike

There are times when agencies independently come up with similar ideas for ads that run concurrently. I can’t really back that statement up with paperwork, but I have just sort of felt that this happens from time to time.

And you know you have too.

Those times when you’re watching TV and you realize that you just saw four ads in the last hour that featured monkeys. Or magicians. Or, as has happened recently, naked girls.

Christina Aguilera has an ad for her new perfume:

Apparently, this perfume causes the magical sprouting of crazy tattoos on your body. No word on if you get to choose the design. I don’t get it, but Adfreak says that she’d rather go naked that try a competitor’s product. I’d rather she go naked as well. It’s a good move.

At any rate, the “rather not wear anything than something inferior” reminds me of the PETA campaign that is currently running.

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