carmichael lynch did it better

Just the other day I posted the really cool Carmichael Lynch print ad for Harley-Davidson that shows a person made out of the parts of the bike.

Then today, I see that Y&R, the Agency of Evil, has just produced an ultra-original outdoor ad that shows a skeleton…made out of Craftsman tools.


But hey, it’s 22 stories tall! As adverganza says, it would be cool if it had a chainsaw.

It doesn’t. And it isn’t cool.

In other Y&R news, I heard (from a reader who seems to dislike Y&R as much as I do) that a major client of Y&R’s once received a disc titled “Best Ads of the Year” with a big Y&R logo on it. Of course it was slated, at the beginning and at the end, with the Y&R logo. But on it, there were no Y&R spots. It was a Clio winners reel.

That’s right adfans, the untalented folks at Y&R slapped their logo on the reel and sent it to a client as if a spot of theirs would be on it. Or as if one could mention “Y&R” and “creative awards” in the same sentence without any sarcasm.

Y&R: we energize business (and if we can’t do it ourselves, we’ll just rip off someone else’s idea to get the job done).



One response to “carmichael lynch did it better

  1. I think the Carmichael Lynch ad is quite a bit different from this ad. I agree that the lynch ad is more artistically challenging and quite beautiful, but the Craftsman tools ad strikes a chord with the whole ‘tools are your guts’ motif. Equally good ads, in my mind.

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