status is hell

My agency is small enough so that we are able (lucky us) to have a company-wise status meeting every Monday morning. These were pretty useful when I first joined the agency a few years back and we were considerably smaller.

Now they are completely useless.

We are over three times bigger than those idyllic times years ago and are still trying to meet with all agency employees. There is no bigger waste of time in my life (except for that longing for The Pretty AE thing). And nobody else seems to notice this.

Everyone sits around and waits for the account team to run down all open jobs. If you are talking or you are a creative and are seeing the work on your client – great. The rest of the hour and a half when you’re doodling and wondering if all traffic coordinators dress like Britney or just the ones at the agencies you’ve worked at – not great.

Why do we insist on meetings like this? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills here.

Is our ageny the only one that has outgrown these meetings yet still insists on all-agency status. Please tell me no.



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