weekend with the boss

My boss was in my neighborhood last night and sent me a message to say as much…and that I should get a beer with him and watch the baseball game.

My boss is a really good guy and I am lucky to work with him (he is not bozo the clown, somewhat obviously), but I think that we hang out an appropriate amount at work without having to include my weekends in on this. Plus, I was already well on my way from having sat at the bar all afternoon watching college football so this was potentially dangerous territory. I am know to speak very, um, frankly about people at the agency when I am liquored up at talking to my boss.

That said, it’s hard to say no to my boss in general. And he was trying to be nice. So I went and got a beer with him.

It would have been nice if he had paid, though.

Now I am broke and hungover.


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