viral always sounds great in a brainstorm

I am calling into a brainstorm (right now actually…it’s not going well), the focus of which is to come up with ways to build awareness for a new product launch for a CPG account that I work on.

Of course everyone wants to do a viral video. I’ve wanted a gold plated toilet, but it just doesn’t make sense with the needs and budget that I have.

That was an analogy to the current situation.

Viral ideas are great – if they work. You invest a little money and if it takes off it dwarfs the reach and interest that could have been generated through traditional TV advertising (unless I was writing the spots, of course, right? Eh? Oh.). But so much that attempts to be viral is complete crap. And even when the stuff that is good it is tough to get it circulated without some additional support.

Even BMW Films ran traditional advertising, albeit as movie trailers in movie theaters and online.

What are we going to do if we blow our whole budget on semi-interesting viral videos for a new product that doesn’t yet have brand enthusiasts who are the easy target to seed it with? We are going to lose the account, that’s what.

There are days when I hate my job.


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