not differentiating, but not compelling either

I have a real soft spot in my heart for AdPulp, it was the first industry blog I ever read, my blog got a really nice call-out on it, it’s well written and informative…but I really have to disagree on the ‘Pulp’s “not bad” assessment of this ad (by Euro RSCG Chicago for Clara Williams jewelry):


This is a bad advertisement.

I’ll begin with what struck me first. There are so many different colors here, including teal, that I don’t know what to focus on. And what is up with the teal? It may look great on this ’93 Pontiac Trans Sport (strangely, still not sold by the used car lot near the Jersey Chick-fil-A that I love):


but teal is not a good color. It looks cheap. It makes people remember cars from the early 90s. It’s a primary color in Florida retirement communities.

Also not good in this layout is the logo, the featured products and the “For any occasion” tagline. Daily Biz, you might ask, why didn’t the other jewelry stores think to positin themselves around that idea? Because it’s neither differentiating nor compelling.

And the teal makes it look like it’s an ad for costume jewelry.


2 responses to “not differentiating, but not compelling either

  1. I actually like the copy in the ad, but people disagree with me all the time, so no worries.

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