bozo strikes again

I was in my client’s office this morning, working out of an empty cube between meetings when I get an email from Bozo the Clown.

It contains a link that I don’t read too closely, but it’s pretty innocuous and, anyway, he knows that I am in the client’s office and he’s the lead CD at the agency so I figure that I better take a look. I click the link.

Up pops a movie of three guys in a daisy chain. I am at a cubicle at a client’s office ready at any minute to head into a meeting, and there is hard core gay porn on my computer screen.

And it’s one of those links that, when you try and close it, just keeps giving you cascading pop-up windows. I force quit just about every operation and program known to man and barely avoided being caught by the impossibly nice, white-haired assistant to the CMO.



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