turmoil at the house of biz

Rumors have begun to circulate around my agency that a big reshuffle is on the cards. Something must be in the water here in Manhattan because Agency Tart is facing a(nother) re-org, too.

As it is extremely unlikely that my client responsibilities will change, I am mostly interested in watching the people around me twitter and worry and moan. There are three main types of reactions to re-org rumors:

1. The Bitchers / These people immediately start complaining about a perceived slight in a move that hasn’t even been made yet: “I just know that she is going to get these accounts, and why does that always happen, why do they even like her? She is so bad at her job, I am so much better and really deserve, and I KNOW she will get it and that is SO wrong. She’s such a slut.” Always a classic.

2. The Stoics / These are the ones who just shrug their shoulders and pretend not to be bothered about it all, while they are secretly running off to the coffee shop down the street to make the finishing touches on their resume and call their headhunter. Just in case.

3. The Confidents / These people are, because the moves are being made to retain them, they are sleeping with a top-level executive, or they have been through this before and can’t be bothered to flip out about it, confident that things are going to be just fine.

I am in bucket number three and no, not because I am sleeping with a top-level executive. Though there is one in my shop I would not be opposed to seeing what could happen with. Just for a little bit. Just to see how it feels.


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