crazy dancing people are interesting

There is absolutely nothing wrong with girls dancing in their underwear and me watching it. I just want to put that out there right now.

Because Periscope, Minneapolis has launched a new website and promotion for Jockey underwear that draws consumers in by showing, and letting people upload, videos of girls (and guys) dancing in their underwear. This is the best idea ever:


When proposing interactive ideas that could have viral legs, like this website, to clients that I work on, I always play up the viral possibility. If this thing gets big, the bang for your marketing buck goes through the roof. But how many of these things ever get big?

One of the brands I work on is a brand that is so loved that people have, on their own, posted YouTube videos about the Brand and about them using the Brand’s product and all of that good stuff. Yet the brand is so closely guarded internally that we can’t even get simple games onto the Brand website because it’s a step too far for the suits who manage the P&L. So it doesn’t get funded. And we have no fun.

I don’t know if this Jockey site will get big or not, but it certainly has a chance. Periscope has put a compelling site together (that’s not overly branded) with video that I would actually watch – that shows you a lot about my personality, I know, but try telling me that the dancing (which is horrible and glorious, especially when verisheri motions you closer) doesn’t hold your interest. Go ahead, try it. I dare you.

My main issue is the inability to link to or upload video. Guys, I know there is an email a friend box, but an email isn’t interesting. The crazy dancing people in their underwear are interesting.

I will say it again. The crazy dancing people are interesting.


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