calling all readers – i need your help

I have had a couple of emails that question my reasons for hating Y&R. As AdPulp notes, I am anti-Y&R pretty much just for the hell of it. Trying to fit in with the rest of the industry bloggers and all that. You know how it goes.

Fitting in aside, I have no really air-tight reasons to hate Y&R. And I need at least one.

This is where you come in. I either need actual reasons to hate Y&R or suggestions of which agency I should switch my vendetta to.

Do I stick with Y&R since it is the agency I have already publicly chosen to mock, or do I switch to, say, the readily hateable DraftFCB? Or do I go against the grain and go negative on StrawberryFrog?

It’s Consumer Generated Content, baby!

Hit me up with a comment or an email to dailybizblog (at) yahoo and we’ll sort this little mess right out.


2 responses to “calling all readers – i need your help

  1. While a certain band I used to love advises that there’s “no time to hate,” I’d find the snootiest of the snooty and start bashing them. Or find one that regularly loses prospects’ portfolios. And then there’s the crapola agency you once worked for–that’s a rich vein to mine (assuming you have that experience to draw on…I know I do).

  2. Being a former executive in the organization, I have to say that your intuition has taken you to the jackpot on this one. The core reason Y&R is so pathetic is that they have no concept of nurturing talent. Rather, they are run by numbers. I literally sat in meetings with Managing Partners where one day they were standing in front of the agency patting the creative “geniuses” on the back for home run ideas and then the next day (or even the same afternoon…) running the numbers to determine if the salary they are paying said genius for said idea was worth it based on the profit margin they wanted to reach with the client–and making lay off plans as a result.

    Just look at their corporate HR group…one VP with no former agency experience, a rotating door of diversity/talent officers and two recruiters. For a supposedly world class organization? Doubt it.

    Beyond that, it clear that everyone at the top hates their jobs and hates each other. The seething politics permeate the organization all the way down to the entry level folks that turnover at the rate of almost 40% annually. Sad, but true.

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