the pretty ae & her meddling friend

I was talking to The Pretty AE tonight as she was on her way to meet a client and I was still working at the office, and she mentioned that her friend is trying to set her up with this guy on Saturday night. I tell my buddy Pat about this new development and he immediately wants to know the situation on the ground:

“What is your level of concern about this? Would you relate it to getting pulled over by the cops with a bag of weed on the passenger seat of your car or accidently killing a hooker?”

Considering that it didn’t end well at all the last time this friend tried to set The Pretty AE up with someone, my level of concern has not yet reached “dead hooker” levels, but I wouldn’t mind scoring some tickets to the Red Sox ALCS game 6 (if there is a game 6 at this rate) and sweep her away for a much more fun night with a much more available and disease-free guy.


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