blogging is hard work

When I started this blog, the semi-famous Daily (Ad) Biz, I didn’t realize the lengths to which I would go to keep it going. I have had to ignore three calls, four IMs and thirteen emails (one from The Pretty AE!) just to get this far. It could get ugly in terms of posts – or lack thereof – for the rest of the day.

I am just warning you.

That is the first-person you, for my only reader. I don’t care what your comment said or how hip it sounded, I know that you’re somehow related to me and are reading this consistently only because my Mom asked you to.

And I’m okay with that. I still send her my layouts to tack up on the fridge.


3 responses to “blogging is hard work

  1. Mom says hi.

  2. Might I suggest you cut down on the number of posts and up the quality of posts. There isn’t a written rule somewhere about posting more than once a day, but posting all your thoughts together could help cut down on what you cutting down on!

  3. Satish, I am sorry to say that even if I put all of my thoughts together in one post they would be no more interesting or coherent.

    But I appreciate the suggestion.

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