advergirl & how to run a greener agency

I like advergirl and I especially like her post on agencies greening up as it brings me back the eco-advertising topic that is near and dear to my heart.

Advergirl digs Grey’s challenge to agencies to green up and she offers a suggestion from her neck of the woods to ditch all foam core, blackboards and the like and invent something reusable. Cool idea.

My suggestion, and this may be relevant only to my agency, is to stop hiring idiots. How will this help my agency get greener, you ask? Well, we’ll have fewer people (but the idiots don’t do much work anyway meaning that agency productivity will be unaffected) which means that power usage, since they won’t need their computers (not that they do now), will go down, it means that fewer people will need to commute to the office, and we will fly less since we won’t need to make emergency dashes to the client after some big screwup – that’s win, win, win if you’re keeping score at home.

More seriously, advergirl is always a great read – I just wish she posted more.


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