stop, please stop…

First, PETA pulls out that Alicia Silverstone video that tried oh so hard to be more than a punchline, but failed:

“Nothing in my life has changed me as much as [becoming a vegetarian]…except blowing my shot at a career by going all Macaulay Culkin on everyone right after Clueless.”

And from that, PETA now serves up this:


W. T. F.? I am happier than I ever thought I would be for choosing the steak last night.

First of all, Steve-O would rather go naked than wear anything. Secondly, you just showed me Steve-O naked, making it my sole mission in life to destroy you and thus properly avenge the torture done to me.

I echo Agency Spy: “why? why? why?”

And add a “please, for all that is holy, STOP! PETA please, just stop.”


2 responses to “stop, please stop…

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