more flight drama

Last night I got on a plane to LaGuardia and, as usual, the weather was bad enough to delay the flight for longer than I would have liked. When it came time to take off, the captain came on the PA and announced that we might, because we sat on the runway with the engines on for so long, have to stop short of New York to pick up more fuel if there was a further air traffic delay (a delay going into New York? No…).

If this situation was anything other than a flight I would have walked right up to the captain and told him that he could take the guesswork out of it and land right now. But airlines do funny things to people.

The second I get into that cramped seat, I’m ready to get home. And nothing, not weather, not lack of gas, not air traffic control is going to keep me from that. My vote was firmly in the “get us home immediately” camp.

Besides, I had a flotation device under my seat in case anything happened.

Like, you know, the plane running out of fuel.


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