i am officially famous

Though not as happy as I would be if The Pretty AE were to call me up and tell me that she had made a silly error by not recognizing my continued longing and wanted me to take her to bed or lose her forever, I was pretty damn pleased, in an industry-centric way of course, when I found out that AdPulp, the first industry blog I ever read (tear), mentioned me today. I even took a screengrab to prove it:


And to think that this evening when I checked the web stats after the interminable meeting I was in (6 hours with one break…WTF?), I thought that my Mom had found the link and forwarded it to my family.

Thank you AdPulp for making me famous, thank you Pretty AE for making me interesting, and thank you wordpress for being easy enough to use for a guy raised on marker comps and the Apple IIe. I accept this award on your behalf.


One response to “i am officially famous

  1. That’s how I found your blog here, hope to hear some more interesting stories! Good luck –

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