bmw films was eons ago

The high-water mark for auto advertising was Fallon’s BMW Films:

BMW Films homepage

But ungracious BMW pulled the plug on a very successful decade-long relationship with the agency that pulled BMW from the Ammirati & Puris (who, in their defence came up with the legendary Ultimate Driving Machine tagline) bourgeoisie wasteland of layout after layout of “overpriced German car in front of big house in Westport, CT” and put them into Badassville.

BMW – you didn’t set out to do a whole lot more than make cars, and before Fallon came on board you didn’t. You were a nothing before them and the most sold, most respected luxury auto brand only after the worked their magic.

And now, post-Fallon, post-BMW Films, you’re left with faded GSD&M and using Molly Ringwald in a commercial that you think will sell your hottest-looking new car since the uber-expensive M6. If so, it’s only because yuppies value the badge (and I wonder what over the last 10 years gave that badge any value). AdFreak has the story and this is where you can see the spot.

If that’s progress, scratch my plans to get in the (admittedly, great looking) 3 Series.


One response to “bmw films was eons ago

  1. I enjoy BMW films.

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