snapple’s sharp new look

The Biz likes to recognize good work, but I am usually too stuck in meetings (lazy) to find it on my own.

But then I stumbled across the new Snapple website and I thought to myself, “self, what a great thing to blog about – not only does it mean that you won’t keep posting embarassing things about The Pretty AE, but it’s also industry-relevant.”

WPP’s VML in Kansas City did the very well done creative work. Though the load time was slow (it could have been my network), and the site isn’t completely built out yet, as of today it is officially my favorite big beverage maker’s website. Hooray VML!



3 responses to “snapple’s sharp new look

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  2. This website costs over a million to produce, but only costs Cadbury $250,000. Why the overage the company had to eat? EGOS, EGOS, EGOS. . . creative egos swell at VML and they wrote a check that the developers couldn’t cash. The website you see is held together with spit and wire – the developers did a good job making it work. The creative director (Tony Sneethen) cost the company hundreds of thousands of dollars. It was a fiasco of epic status at VML.

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