“the office” hits one out of the park

I finally got around to watching last Thursday’s episode of The Office today and, as it does every episode, it reinforced why it is my favorite show. It’s like Dave Barry peeked into my first agency and is only now getting around to writing about it. Only with a really attractive receptionist and a beet farmer (why not?).

What caught my attention was a short tag at the end of the show for dundermifflininfinity.com, the website for the Infinity intranet that was “launched” in the show. Go to the website and you will see THE BEST promotion I have seen in some time, especially considering the highly involved following of the show (gotta know your consumer and, apparently, The Office enthusiasts need more to do…or a girlfriend)

It is a fantastic promotion with a great website (the site has lots of cool content for both light and heavy “users” for lack of a better term) and overall experience. And it was activated all off of a cheap-looking tag to a TV show.

Traditional advertising is not the place to be these days. Not only is it losing relevance, it is also not the best tool to accomplish a myriad of business goals. Generate engagement with core consumers, build loyalty, drive interaction rates, these are just a few of the things that traditional advertising, especially TV, just doesn’t do well in comparison to other marketing disciplines. It’s not dead by any means, but it’s not the universal answer either.

AdPulp posted this article about Nike that gives further support to my argument, in case you don’t a take a no-name blogger at his word.

Advertising has ceased to be the go-to answer when it comes to marketing questions. With that in mind, how much longer until other agencies begin to drive the brand, be they online, promotions or PR?

And you know that PR is just itching to do it and get us back for years of condescention.


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