the great facebook migration

Today has been pretty boring; I have spent most of my time in meetings that have only a tangental meaning for my daily life.

However, I did catch one tidbit that was interesting – solid proof that the migration to Facebook from MySpace is continuing, particularly among younger consumers. More after lunch, but the precis of a Forrester report that was presented substantiated the groundswell shift to Facebook that we have all been feeling and, if I heard it right, seems to indicate that MySpace continues to lose relevance as a platform for social networking, though it holds its own for special interests like new music.

My guess is that MySpace will become like Friendster, still around but without a lot of the buzz, relevance, marketing spend or ROI for Mr Murdoch. And Facebook, likely, will face the same fate in a year or so. With the pace of technology, the key is not to build marketing around a specific platform, but rather to use the platforms as they flit in and out of relevance for the target.

Nothing new here, except for some of the clients I work for.


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