sunday with the pretty ae

For some reason The Pretty AE was game enough to come down to the bar and watch some football with me on Sunday. Must have been a slow weekend. Or she is from the “I get over hangovers by drinking through them” school of thought that I subscribe to. Or she wanted to eat hot wings guilt-free. At any rate, that is what I did on Sunday afternoon. I also ate hot wings. And tortured myself by getting drunk with an undateable co-worker.

It was a good torture for most of the time, at least until I moved my chair closer to hers to “get a better angle at the TV” and realized the full and complete absurdity of my position.

But, like all champions, I toughed it out with another few beers and we had some good banter. Also, positively, I am spending most of the next few weeks traveling and so won’t have to face up to my inability to be anything more than that co-worker guy who always wants to hang out until at least early November.

So I’ve got that going for me. Which is nice.


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