requiem for a (soon to be) failed project

Though this may shock some creatives, account executives (while too numbers-focused and dangerous with a layout) do serve a purpose.

The key purpose is the nitty gritty of business; things like estimates and timelines and vendor relations that have to be done or a project falls apart. Especially vendor relations. Especially if you’re Bozo the Clown (aka, our lead CD).

Every vendor he has managed, or should I say “managed”, has resulted in a torpedoed project because of a lack of clarity around deadlines, deliverables and cost. He’s at it again, refusing to include an AE on any vendor calls despite multiple suggestions that it might, perhaps, be a good idea to get someone on the account team involved, preferring to do it all himself until the eventual project blow-up.

I am immediately and very quickly distancing myself from this project.

And I really wanted to work on it. Dammit.


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