at least it’s not david beckham

Tom Brady is shilling for Stetson cologne. Like Agency Spy, I had forgotten that Stetson even made a cologne.

If the objective was to drive awareness, I guess that advertising works (at least among ad junkies). This ad is all over the industy blogs. But will it sell more cologne? The ad looks like any other cologne ad, only with Tom Brady instead of some androgynous male model and you can’t see all of the girl hanging on him (so you don’t know if she, too, is going to trick Brady into getting her pregnant as they break up). Hmm, these are marks in Stetson’s favor…



2 responses to “at least it’s not david beckham

  1. These pics look nothing like other male cologne ads! Tom Brady is outstanding! Have you read the female reaction out there from these ads??? Great move my Stetson, they are back on the map with their choice of hiring Tom Brady as the new, updated and upgraded Stetson Man.

    This guy is just about perfect. Ummmm, obvious he must be as good as he looks since women are impregnanting themselves to keep him and ‘the’ supermodel is gladly putting up with his crazy ex baby momma’s patheticness.

    Yeah, me thinks Tom Brady is as good as advertised!

  2. I think that you missed the point of my post.

    1. Even I now know that Stetson has a cologne – check one for effectivenss of this ad as an awareness driver

    2. Though the ad meets the “good looking man with muscles with an attractive woman hanging on him” formula for cologne ads, Tom Brady makes it different enough to give it interest

    3. There are a myriad of jokes to be made around this model, Giselle and impregnation. Nothing wrong with that

    4. Note the comment “all marks in Stetson’s favor…”

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