american is never on time into laguardia

The pretty AE and I had a wonderful conversation this afternoon before I left for the airport for the (always late) flight back to LaGuardia. American Airlines, if you haven’t been on time for the six weeks in a row I have flown the same flight, why do you keep scheduling the flight for the time you do?

The conversation with the pretty AE, in retrospect wasn’t actually wonderful per se. She and I just discussed billing and final elements on projects produced so far in 2007, but I hadn’t really spoken to her much this week because I have been away and I was happy to talk to her. But the conversation didn’t go far beyond billing and the like so it wasn’t great either.

That meant that I spent the whole flight back wishing that it was 7th grade again so I could just send her a not with a “Do you like Daily Biz, check yes or no.” I also spent a fair amount of time wondering why the Stoli on the rocks hadn’t put me to sleep yet. It wasn’t the best flight ever.


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