unoriginality watch

I’ve read the postmodernists and I understand the idea that there is nothing original in the world, but some things are too glaringly unoriginal. They must be called out.

Over at i believe in advertising they are showcasing a Yamaha outboard ad from agency 1861 United in Milan that looks suspiciously like an ad for MasterCraft boats from Periscope in Minneapolis (an ad that the folks at Periscope are so proud of, they’ve had hanging in their lobby since it won some awards in 2002):


I know, I know, Milan and Minneapolis aren’t that close. And the Periscope ad is five years old while I assume the Yamaha one is recent. But come on people, some originality wouldn’t hurt (especially in ads for competitive products).


2 responses to “unoriginality watch

  1. I completely disagree with this assessment. They are seperate ads altogether, and don’t have any visual art direction similarity other than a jet mark which could be on anything. Its like saying to line drawings in an ad are the same when one is of a pumpkin and the other is of a car. Sorry you’re reaching.

  2. Joseph, while I sort of buy your argument, when I look at both ads I see one ad for boat engines using the jet contrail on blue to illustrate speed and performance and then I see the other boat ad using the jet contrail on blue theme to illustrate performance and fun.

    Not a complete rip-off but not original. Passable if they are different categories, but not for directly competitive products, even a few years apart.

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