ufl takes on the behemoth

I like promotions, aka the red-headed stepchild of marketing, because it seems tough enough to make compelling consumer communication with :30 of TV. Imagine being stuck on a pole sign next to Pepsi and some Doritos and still be tasked with driving significant sales. Anyway, I really like this promotion:

Wall Street fat cat William Hambrecht thinks he can take on the NFL and make some money out of. As ridiculous as that sounds (the NFL has seen off at least three other competitors that I remember), this venture, the United Football League (UFL), is set to launch in the fall of 2008.

But wait, there’s more! And this is where it gets good.

You can vote for which of the eight proposed cities the league will put teams in by putting up $5 to reserve a season ticket at ticketreserve.com. If your city is selected, you get a team and a reservation for a season ticket. If it’s not selected, you get your money back.

I don’t even like football or live in a prospective city and I was intrigued; I even went to the website to check it out. I thought about putting money down, but have to tip the limo driver who is taking me to the airport tonight so it kind of ruled that out (especially since I stiffed him last week because I spent all my cash on $2.00 beers with a girl at the bar in practically no clothes who turned out to have a boyfriend who was much bigger than I). Still, what a cool idea – talk about consumer control. Too bad an alternate to the NFL is something that exactly NOBODY is interested in.

The UFL is as compelling as a reel from Y&R. This promotion is more a reel from Goodby.


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