the beginning

I am sitting here in my hotel room late on Wednesday night thinking to myself “self, if none of the people in the meeting today listened to your (oh so bright) thoughts on marketing marginally-unhealthy consumer packaged goods, then who will listen to you talk about anything?” Having done some reading up on this blogosphere thing – and even pitched it to a client once or twice – I thought that I would give it a shot. If you can’t find some yahoo to read your blog, you’re really SOL. And I need some proof that SOL really is my situation before I throw in the towel.

I can’t promise consistency of subject or application toward posting (I was not destined for account management), but that’s all secondary to the big idea anyway.

And the big idea tonight, in this fabulously fake Southern city I am in, was to convince some girls at the bar that Mad Men fairly represented the life in advertising I actually lead. I was fairly successful.


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