i hate web 2.0

I hate Web 2.0, not because I don’t get it, but because, despite my best efforts and cajoling the powers that be, my agency’s soon-to-be-launched website is going to be a Fallon-level disaster (putting it on par with the Hindenburg, the 07-08 Mets and last Friday night).

Our ECD is too busy to care, despite being a founding partner, and our lead CD is Bozo the Clown in disguise. Bring up an idea like putting the agency on Google Maps and you get a blank stare. Talk Web 2.0 and the searchability of Flash websites and he gets more interseted, but only because he has figured out Safari and is looking at porn on his computer while I am talking.

If we are in the top 10 Google results in a search for our own name, I will be surprised. Good thing we don’t need new business. Right? Eh? Oh.


2 responses to “i hate web 2.0

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