i am in love with the pretty ae

There is only one at my agency. Not that it is an unattractive agency – it isn’t – but there is only one who qualifies for the not-very-succinct title of “the pretty AE from my agency who is so beautiful that I would do whatever she asked if she looked me in the eye and counted down from three.”

Of course, I work with her and I made the rookie mistake of hooking up with an art director friend of hers a while back. I pretend not to like her too much when she is looking, try to sneak a glance down her shirt when she is not looking and all in all spend most of every day wishing that I could undo the hook-up with the art director (and a few other actually, while we’re on the subject).

I haven’t had this big of a secret and completely unfulfillable crush since I first started reading Agency Tart.


2 responses to “i am in love with the pretty ae

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